Back at it. For real tho! Maybe.

July 26, 2017

I’m writing again. Different slant—I’m not, after all, in France, and this ain’t no lifestyle blog either. I’m going to start using this as a platform for posting the personal writing that I’m making a sincere effort to get in the habit of working on. It might be all over the place (so far this week I’ve written a missive on death and a list of gripes about the most recent episode of Game of Thrones), but like, aren’t we all a little bit all over the place, when it comes down to it? I also had to resist a strong urge to delete everything that was on here before, because the only thing in the world that is more excruciating than reading something you wrote yesterday is reading something you wrote five years ago. Anyway, this is my medium(.com) now.

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